Steve jackson

Steve helps every client in his chair see the full potential of their hair. If you’re searching for a master fade look for further, but make sure you book an appointment cause the word is out in Gainesville that he’s the man to see. Inspired by: himself. Fav music artist: lil baby. Specialty: fades of all kinds. Loved beauty brand: STMNT. Frequently found at: home with kids.

jay younng

Jay is a seasoned barber with six years of industry experience, licensed from the Minnesota School of Barbering. His journey into the field was fueled by a blend of financial stability and a genuine love for the art of cutting. His favorite aspect of the job is witnessing the satisfaction on his customers' faces post-cut. Passionate about honing his craft, Jay is dedicated to constantly improving his skills. With six years of experience working in a shop setting, he aims to elevate his career by becoming a barber instructor, aspiring to share his knowledge and expertise with budding barbers. A few fun facts about Jay are that his fav music artist is 2Pac, he enjoys writing poetry and he is inspired by his family.